Tips To Pack Your Rental Truck Or UTE


It has become quite popular to hire a rental truck or an UTE when someone wants to move to a new location since hiring a company to do the move for you is quite expensive when compared to this option. While you will save money by renting, in order to make your experience better, you should follow these tips.

Choose a good rental provider

Since renting has become quite popular, there are many new businesses who just want to get more money out of their customers. That is why it is a much better idea to go for expert truck rental in Melbourne from Gecko team or someone similar who has been around for years. You can easily check the customer feedback on various sites, which is usually a very good indicator.

Make a check list

In case you are not moving everything that you own, it is usually a good idea to make a check list. Packing items into boxes which fit certain rooms that will match the checklist is also a great idea. While this might make packing a bit more troublesome, unpacking is going to be a breeze, especially when you are looking for essential first day items.

Make a plan with boxes

Ask friends to help

No man is an island, and even if you think that you can do the whole moving process all by yourself, you are definitely going to have more fun if you do it with a friend, or more friends if they have time to help you out. In case you are packing all the items in your house, you will surely run into some items that will make you feel quite nostalgic, which will increase the strength of your friendship.

Asking friends to help will make things fun

Wrap breakable items into clothes

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money during your move on bubble wrap or similar items, you can simply use your clothes to protect fragile items instead. It is usually enough to put a single glass into two socks, and bigger items like plates between two layers of shirts. Since you will pack clothes anyway, you might as use it as protection.

Get a loading ramp

If you happen to be moving only a couple of bigger items, you will have a much easier time loading them into a truck or a UTE with a loading ramp. You can easily ask for a loading ramp rental if you book a ute hire in Brisbane from Go With The Gecko or a similarly reputable company.

Final Word

Packing and moving for the first time all by yourself might not be the easiest thing that you have done, but if you follow the tips we listed, it will be easier, and more fun. In case you have to move yourself again in the future, it is also going to be much easier, as you will obtain a lot of experience from your first time and probably come up with some pro tips of your own.

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