Signs You Need To Call Rv Mechanical Repairs Immediately


Millions more people are RVing than a few years ago. And unfortunately, more RVs need repairs.

Finding a mechanic who can work on both the chassis and coach portion of your RV can be difficult. Many shops specialize in one or the other.

Ask for recommendations at your local campground or in specific RV Facebook groups. And when it comes to RV repair shops, look for ones that offer warranties on their work.

Engine Trouble

RV mobile repair services are often the best choice for emergency fixes on the go. However, finding a reputable RV mechanic with experience, certifications, and positive reviews is essential. You can also look for an RV mechanic that offers warranties and insurance work.

Engine knocking is a sign of abnormal combustion, which the wrong fuel could cause, improper ignition timing, or worn spark plugs. This can cause damage to your engine and result in costly RV Mechanical Repairs.

Luckily, there are many easy DIY RV fixes you can do yourself to save money and time. Google, YouTube, and experienced RVers in online groups can be great resources for learning how to fix simple RV problems. For example, if your camper toilet is not flushing correctly, you can try adding more water or toilet paper before calling for RV plumbing repairs.


When you take your RV to a mechanic shop, the service area can become chaotic, with noises from multiple vehicles being worked on simultaneously. This distraction makes it easier for a technician to miss something small, indicating an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. When you hire a mobile RV handyperson, they can come directly to your location and focus all their attention on your vehicle. This can help ensure that they catch any more minor indicators that could become more significant mechanical issues down the road.

Of course, some RV Mechanical Repairs are better left as DIY projects that can be completed in the comfort of your home. This saves money and builds confidence and familiarity with your RV’s systems.

Water Leaks

RVs are often parked outside in the elements, so it’s not uncommon for water to leak inside. If left untreated, this can cause extensive damage and ruin the personal belongings stored in the vehicle.

Water damage can be hard to detect, but looking for signs of moisture in the RV whenever possible is essential. Check for discoloration in the ceiling, soft spots, and mildew smells. You should also open all cabinets and inspect the flooring for damp areas.

Also, check the caulking around windows, doors, roof vents, and skylights for cracks and looseness. Doing this regularly is essential, especially before storing the RV for an extended time. A cracked caulking can let water in and cause rot.

Strange Smells or Odors

Striking out on the open road in an RV fulfills many dreams, but those dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if your RV is experiencing mechanical issues. Thankfully, there are some telltale signs that it’s time to call for RV Mechanical Repairs immediately.

For example, if you notice a vibration in your steering wheel, it may indicate a suspension issue. Similarly, strange noises when braking could tell that the brakes are wearing out faster than usual.

In addition, if you notice a strong odor, it may indicate mold or other unpleasant lingering smells. Leaving these issues untreated can lead to severe water damage, which is expensive to repair. Calling for RV repair services right away will help you avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Electrical Issues

RV circuits can be prone to shorting out if the wiring needs to be updated or straining to power more and more power-hungry appliances. If your lights and other appliances frequently trip the breaker or go dark, you may need an electrician to examine the problem. It’s also important to turn off the breaker before you attempt any work, as tinkering with electrical wiring can put you at risk of electric shock.

Some traditional mechanics or the repairs department of an RV dealership may make house calls on an emergency basis. Still, these can be expensive because you’ll be charged their standard hourly rate plus a premium for mileage. Finding a local mobile RV repair tech is your best bet. Asking fellow RVers for recommendations is one option, as well as checking local bulletin boards at RV parts stores to see what independent technicians or service providers are nearby.

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