Awesome and Random Facts About Automobiles


Cars are perhaps one of the most fascinating inventions of man. With them, people can go wherever they please. They were invented back in 1886 by a German inventor. However, it was only made available to the general masses some time in the 1900s. Fast forward to today, and manufacturers have begun creating hybrid models that feature advanced functionalities.

Besides using it for basic transportation needs, some people collect cars as a hobby. Others take interest in the fascinating facts and statistics concerning automobiles. If you want to know more about cars, you can check out the short guide below.

Cars can be recycled in many different ways

After a few years, cars tend to lose their mechanical efficiency. In most cases, car owners look for places or facilities where they can discard junk cars in Fort Lauderdale. Junk car buyers typically pay around 20 to 40 percent of the vehicle’s original selling price. Sometimes, they fix the car and find a new owner for it. However, if the engine and other mechanical parts can’t be fixed, the buyer can choose to crush or shred the car. Typically, around 80 to 90 percent of the car can be recycled or repurposed. There are companies dedicated to recycling old cars. You can readily find these in the country.

Some countries discourage the use of cars

While cars are considered a basic necessity in many countries, others don’t feel the same way. In fact, in Singapore and Hong Kong, the government imposes high taxes on car purchases to discourage their citizens from using private vehicles. It’s no secret that cars can take up a lot of space on the road. They can cause traffic jams and release harmful fumes that can cause damage to the environment.

As a way to curb CO2 and other harmful emissions, some governments chose to limit the use of private vehicles and encourage the use of public transport. While some make use of tax adjustments, others impose a strict number coding scheme.

The Volkswagen Beetle continues to be the most popular car model

It’s quite surprising to see how technology has reshaped the car manufacturing industry. Before, there were only limited designs to choose from. There were also very few functionalities. Today, you can find a lot of modern and upgraded models that can satisfy your needs, meet your demands, and more.

However, even with the modern car models available today, a lot of people still find the Volkswagen Beetle as their top pick. Many drivers are attracted to the charming design and vibe of the beetle. They also like how easy it is to drive around with a Volkswagen beetle. It has a comfortable space inside, a couple of cute features plus a highly durable engine. On top of that, it has been featured in a lot of films, including Footloose, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and The Shining.

Cars continue to evolve over the years as do the demand and preferences of consumers. It would be interesting to keep track of the changes and see how much innovation manufacturers can do over the years. What other facts about cars do you know or would like to know about?

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